The 8 Step Code 
to Convert 
Leads to Sales
(for B2B Founders)
The step-by-step high converting sales script that helped my startup sales team generate over $100M in sales in 3 years. 
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Hi, I'm award-winning sales coach Jessica Magoch and I want to welcome you to the 8 Step Closing Code.

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  • Yes, this script really was the backbone of generating over $100M in sales in three years with a 30 person sales team without VC funding. As a thank you for joining me in the free training, you'll receive The World Class Sales Team Blueprint, which explains step-by-step how this was accomplished so you can replicate it. 
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In this free SCRIPT, I'll show you:
my step-by-step script for closing deals:
You'll get a step-by-step framework to convert a lead into a sale for B2B clients. Whether your selling at the enterprise level, SMB, or to Self-Employed Professionals, these scripts adjust to every size market. 
According to Marketing Sherpa, average SaaS closing rates are 15%.  The status quo is just not good enough! The highest performing SaaS sales people close up to 80%. Improving your closing rate is the single most effective way to add to the bottom line without increasing spending. 
HOw to guarantee you never run out of leads
Whenever you win or lose a deal, you have to continually replenish your pipeline or you will eventually go out of business.  This script anticipates that and shows you how to replenish that pipeline for free so you are consistently lowering your cost of acquisition. 
We're not here to make enemies. I'll teach how to do all of this without being pushy, icky or sleazy. I take a mind, body, soul approach to selling and it makes all the difference!
and more...
Hi, I'm Jessica Magoch - an award-winning sales coach and I help female B2B tech founders learn to sell so they can scale to 7 figures and beyond even without outside investment. 
The 8 Step Code to Convert Leads to Sales has been responsible for generating over $100M in sales for my startup and launching the sales for hundreds of clients. 

Without it, you will waste your time testing and iterating your sales conversations and struggling to find a process that works so you can generate happy clients and spend time on the other parts of your business. 

With it, you can eliminate the overwhelm of selling your product,  and follow a simple process to create and automate your sales, so you can launch in to startup stardom, ignite your sales team, and scale your business with customer revenues. 

Jessica Magoch

A high converting sales script is only a click away... 
DISCLAIMER: Results are not typical and this is not some get-rich-quick scheme.  It takes a massive amount of effort and dedication which only you can provide. I can give you the tools, the strategy, the coaching and the wisdom, but you must provide the rest. 
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